I’m New

We are delighted that you have visited Rescue Church. We hope you will stay and become a part of the family. Remember church is family!

Here are some more points of contact to connect further with the church.

If you have a prayer request you can e-mail it to – info@rescuechurch.tv or text it to (201) 562-6335.

If you have any questions about Rescue Church please call us at (201) 562-6335.

What to Expect

We are a church of the Holy Spirit and the holy Scriptures. We teach and preach from the Bible. We are unapologetic about the clear standards that God has laid out in his word. 

What to Wear

Come as you are. If you want to wear jeans or a suit go for it.

Do you have childcare ?

Yes, we do, directly after worship the children are released to go to children’s church. They will have a snack and learn the Bible.

Where are the bathrooms ?

If you are in the sanctuary, there is a back door in the middle of the sanctuary. Walk through the door and turn  right. The woman’s bathroom is on the left and the men’s bathroom is on the right.

Life Groups

We have life groups weekly in homes so that you can grow in faith and in relationships with both God and people. We recommend that you come and connect, you will be glad you did. One of the ways God truly enhances our lives is through community!
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6303 Dewey Ave, West New York, NJ | info@rescuechurch.tv | (201) 562-6335

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